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Crafting Effective Animated Explainer Videos

Did you know? Animated explainer videos can help you produce 2x more leads if done correctly. But how do you determine the right or wrong way to create them? To be fairly honest; there is no right or wrong when it comes to playing around with creativity. However, objective reality exists in the competitive market where every brand, just like yours, is striving to achieve better results. Animated explainer videos are often considered the most useful asset in your marketing arsenal. To replicate some of the success stories, we may guide you with the dos and don’ts by considering the best practices of any explainer video animation company, providing you with insights on how professionals get their job done.

Do These Things for Crafting Effective Animated Explainer Videos

To effectively build a bond with your audience through animated explainer video content, start by researching the latest trends, preferences, and analytics. A professional explainer video animation company typically tailors its client’s animated explainer videos to reflect the brand’s voice through visually appealing content, allowing the brand to convey its message effectively. Market research efforts support their understanding, and if they can succeed, so can you.

Additionally, keep your animated explainer video concise, especially when directly marketing a product, service, or solution your brand offers. Remember, attention spans are short, and you don’t want your video content to become unbearable for a fast-paced, nurtured audience that can swipe through numerous reels in minutes. Aim for an animated explainer video between 60-90 seconds, focusing on clarity without unnecessary details.

Simplicity is key to clearly defining the main objective of each explainer video—whether it’s introducing your audience to a product, demonstrating a service, or educating about a cause.

Ensuring every visual element supports this objective is essential. Engage your targeted audience by constructing compelling storytelling aspects: start by highlighting a problem, present a solution in the middle, and end with a clear call to action. Moreover, your best approach is to invest in high-quality explainer video production with polished visuals, clear audio free from background noise, and engaging animations to establish credibility and retain viewers’ interest until the end.

Furthermore, crafting a strong script that is concise, clear, and free of jargon is essential—not optional—to ensure an effective connection with your audience. Aim for a bulls-eye for optimal results. End your explainer video with a mindful and compelling call to action, guiding viewers on their next steps with interactive elements like visiting your official website or making a purchase. For precision, refine your approach by testing your video content with a small audience. Gather their honest feedback and make necessary adjustments for the improvement of the performance of your future animated explainer videos

Avoid These Things for the Best Outcome of Your Content

To simplify things, avoid overwhelming your audience with too much information. It’s like stuffing sandwiches with endless layers of salad—do you get the picture? A best practice to try is to think like a consumer. Note down what elements annoy you the most in digital video content. Voila! You’ve planned your escape from mundane, overcrowded information that your viewers never asked for in the first place. To continue the process for maximum impact, ensure each video focuses on one main idea to keep your brand’s message crystal clear. Use a well-crafted script with a thematic purpose to achieve this. While improvisation works in a jam session of a college rock band, in the realm of animated explainer videos, it can make your video seem unprofessional and unpolished.

A Lot of Things to Do? Then Opt for Explainer Video Animation Services

Now, it’s evident that there are certain things to prioritize for the best results and more actions to take than to ignore. To achieve this, consider hiring an explainer video animation company for concrete video animation services that align with your end goal. For geographical analysis, there are numerous video animation services in SINGAPORE just a Google search away. You can easily find them through freelancing platforms or directly via their websites or any references. The most typical advice would be to analyze their previous work record and review their portfolio and testimonials. Take note, as this is all you need to assess a professional explainer video animation company.

Are You Prepared to Master Software, or Do You Prefer Streamlined Cloud Services?

Of course, you can produce your own animated explainer videos, but under one condition: you must be a highly skilled individual with command of software like Adobe After Effects or the more budget-friendly freemium option Blender. If you need the utmost level of customization, these are valid options. However, there are cloud-based services like Animate, but the biggest con is they can’t help you stand out, as they follow a template-based systematic approach. If you have a vision for your brand, using such services may make you appear as a by-product of the service. Of course, this is also an option and a good one, but to cement your legacy, you need to be able to craft your own themes, elements, and visual allure. This can only be achieved when you prioritize originality.

The Bottom line:

To build something impactful, it’s crucial to invest in your idea. Remember, everything requires investment, whether it’s your time or money. Without mindful investment, you risk becoming a clone of someone else’s ideas. There are two paths to achieve your goal: either become proficient yourself or hire someone to efficiently execute your vision. It’s worth noting that learning a skill requires time and dedication. If you have other operations to manage for your brand, opting for a professional explainer video animation company is advisable.

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