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The long-term career is the highlight of today’s standards of living, most individuals are opting for a secure position in their field of expertise. Rather than sticking up with part-time variants of different jobs, it is better to have a crystal clear career path for overall financial growth.

Now, let’s have a look at the most money-making digital domains of the modern age in which one can choose their career path.

Data Science and Analytics: Information researchers and experts examine huge datasets to extricate experiences and drive business choices.

Website Design and Development: Web designers and developers make outwardly engaging and practically functioning websites.

Software Development: This incorporates jobs, for example, programmers, software engineers, and developers.

Cybersecurity: Online protection experts center around safeguarding frameworks, organizations, and information from cyber threats.

Above are the popular choices among people interested in the digital domain. Since there is a lot to cover for each path, let me guide you through website design, as we love all things related to this seriously creative aspect. It modifies and structures a pool of countless possibilities, and with more and more businesses emerging, the demand for website design and development is at its Everest.

Begin with Mastering Website Design Skills

First and foremost, it may sound boring and very familiar to you, as you may have heard this over and over again, but let me tell you: all things start with developing the skills for what you are aiming to do. If you are not willing to learn, then ‘earn’ may not be in your dictionary. To be clear, you don’t have to go the ‘Whiplash’ way—of course, you’re not Andrew, and no Terence Fletcher is swooping in to exhaust you for perfection. The greatest advantage of living in this digital age of countless possibilities is that you can gain insights right at your fingertips or with a few clicks if you are using your PC. So, the scope of website design is no exception when it comes to stepping up your game by polishing your skills. 

As for polishing your skills, here are a few essential resources for learning website design. Both free and paid options are listed so you can choose what suits your budget and requirements:

Free Resources:

1 – Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Web Docs

Description: Extensively useful documentation along with instructional exercises in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with an arguably easy learning curve for newcomers.


2 – Codecademy

Description: Highly intuitive digital courses prepared to teach website design basics, including HTML, CSS, and responsive strategies.


3 – freeCodeCamp

Description: Free coding instructional exercises and activities covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more for the optimal learning environment.


4 – Google Web Fundamentals

Description: Resources and best practices for modern web development by Google.


4 – YouTube – The Net Ninja

Description: Video tutorials on web development topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks.


Paid Resources:

1 – Udemy – Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

Description: Helpfully practical course covering all things HTML and CSS for building real-world websites.


2 – LinkedIn Learning (formerly – Responsive Web Design

Description: Top-to-bottom courses covering responsive website design standards and procedures.


3 – Treehouse – Web Design Track

Description: Organized learning way covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and UX/UI plan.


4 – Coursera – Web Design for Everybody (Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization)

Description: Specialization in web development fundamentals, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


5 – Skillshare – Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages that Drive Results

Description: Course focusing on designing effective marketing homepages using HTML, CSS, and design principles.


These assets give a scope of choices for learning website design, taking special care of various learning styles and your budget plans.

Smart Way to Kickstart Your Website Design Career

Thanks to the internet, you can look for remote work from the comfort of your own space, as well as onsite opportunities when it comes to finding work as a website designer. This is a good start before testing yourself in the deep waters of being hired by a website design company in SG (if you live in the United States). To solidify your skills, you may opt to join a reputable website design company in your locale to build confidence. All you need is the skillset; once you have it, you get it.

Building a portfolio is often advised, but instead of creating a dummy portfolio, I would suggest marketing yourself within your network. To begin with, you can offer your services for free to the first three clients from your network. This way, you can generate buzz and have proof of your authentic work. Alternatively, you can create mockups of other websites to test your abilities in the website design domain. To back this up, I never had any prior professional experience before I got into the world of writing. However, a few samples of my own writing helped me get the job I now love. So, discard the doubts and start taking action. This may sound contradictory to my own words but don’t get too wrapped up in tutorials because results come as a consequence of taking action, not by binge-watching. The best rule of thumb is to watch a single tutorial about any aspect of website designs, and then put it into practice. This way, you can examine how well you grasped the concept instead of just watching tutorials and wondering about a plethora of ‘what-ifs.

To wrap this up, I wish you the best of luck with your website design journey and encourage you to forge your path by utilizing the provided resources and the tips you can undertake to be the best you can be.

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