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Beyond Text: Choosing the Right Animated Explainer Video Style

They say content is king, and I wholeheartedly agree. Branding has changed rapidly in recent times, and the rise of explainer animation videos is the epitome of today’s visual representation. In this internet world dominated by the “cash cow” concept, a smart explainer video animation company can be your perfect starting point if you’re looking for one.

When it comes to the animated allure, explainer videos primarily utilize two main styles:

2D animation: These videos leverage full animation techniques.

Motion graphic explainer videos: These videos typically combine text with graphic elements for a more concise approach.

Stop motion animation: This technique uses physical objects that are manipulated frame-by-frame to create movement.

Whiteboard animation is another popular choice. While the options may seem limited at first glance, the sky is the limit when it comes to crafting them. Here is an additional option:

Kinetic typography explainer video: This style focuses solely on text animation with movement and a simple overlay to enhance its appeal.

The choice of style ultimately depends on your specific requirements, whether it’s for business or for your personal brand, this way you can curate ideas to the explainer video animation company of your choice.

Boost Conversions with Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are an effective tool for companies across industries. They may be used on various online structures like websites, social media, and even in emails to grab attention and explain complex ideas in a clear and fruitful manner. This makes them ideal for showcasing merchandise, services, or even complex ideas. Compared to live-action productions, animation may be a greater option, especially while dealing with abstract notions. Ultimately, these animated videos assist and improve brand focus, increase conversions, and leave a lasting impact on visitors, making them a valuable asset for any marketing strategy.

Why Explainer Videos Win

Explainer videos are game-changers for businesses. They pack a mighty wallop of presentation benefits. You need something that catches the attention of viewers and prevents them from tuning out, so taking advantage of the incredibly captivating visual medium of explainer animation is a natural fit! Visuals and storytelling can break down complex ideas and explain them in ways that are easier for the masses to grasp. In fact, explainer videos can, at their best, function as a salesperson, explaining exactly why your product or service is needed and encouraging viewers to act. They also reinforce your brand by creating a lasting image that differentiates you from your competition.

Set Your Goals

The power of animation at play here can even extend beyond language and thereby turn your explainer video into a global communication tool! Animation is likewise more affordable than live-action, particularly when conveying abstract ideas.

So, how do you select the correct explainer video style? The secret is, of course, understanding your desired outcome, combined with your target audience.

For fun and engaging approach to explain complex topics 2D character animation might be perfect. This is especially true for tech companies. Those targeting a younger demographic will also benefit. Motion graphics explainer videos have a sleek and modern feel. They are ideal for businesses in tech. Finance or professional services can also use them effectively. Whiteboard animation offers a lighthearted and easy-to-follow approach. It is often used by marketing agencies. Educational institutions frequently utilize it as well. Choose a style that reflects that. Who are you trying to reach? Tailor the explainer video by having to choose a style that appeals to your preferences. Finally, the complexity of your message matters. Some styles might be suited to explain intricate concepts better compared to others. By understanding these benefits and the different animation styles available you can create an explainer video that effectively grabs your audience’s attention and will help you achieve your marketing goals more effectively.

Role of an Explainer Video Animation Company

An explainer video animation company acts as your one-stop shop for crafting compelling animated explainer videos. Their role goes beyond just creating flashy visuals. They partner with you to bring your vision to life. They ensure your message is delivered clearly and effectively.

The explainer video animation company will work with you to brainstorm ideas. They refine your message and write a captivating script that forms the foundation of your video, they’ll then translate that script into a storyboard. This visual roadmap outlines the flow of your explainer video as it includes the design of characters and backgrounds that seamlessly integrate with your brand identity.

Once the storyboard is approved the animation comes alive. The company will use their expertise in various animation styles, including; 2D, motion graphics and whiteboard animation.

Moreover, the explainer video animation company doesn’t disappear after the first draft. They understand revisions are crucial for achieving your vision. They’ll incorporate your feedback, and they’ll make adjustments throughout the production process until you’re completely satisfied with the final product. Finally they’ll deliver the explainer video in the preferred format, ready for upload to your website social media platforms or integration into your marketing campaigns. Some explainer video animation companies may even offer additional services like script translation for a global audience, video marketing strategy consultations or even explainer video hosting solutions.

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