Jeff Lew thinks Killer Bean deserves a mention in any book about the evolution of online video. It was a two-minute, 3D animation short about gun-toting beans and nearly entirely the product of one person. Therefore, this was released in 1996, just a year after Toy Story. Killer Bean 2: The Party, a somewhat longer and vastly superior sequel, was released in 2000.

Now its video animation maker Texas, Jeff Lew, is adapting it into a video game with the same acrobatic, John Woo-inspired combat seen in the nearly thirty-year-old animations: an open-world, first- and third-person roguelike shooter.

The ability to flip between vehicles and shoot at motorcycles in slow motion immediately brought to mind Just Cause and Adapt in the game. He might give it a go if it were a simple action game with silly physics.

This seems more epic than that in many respects. “Every time start a new single-player campaign, everything changes,” it claims on Steam. Locations, quests, characters, bosses, and the tale are all subject to change. Most people thought that the person you could trust may now be working against you once the game begins. Some of your enemies’ allies may be helpful in the end. Normal tasks can become lethal traps and efforts are always different.

The Killer Bean’s stats can be adjusted to match your preferred play style: stealthy, melee, parkour-heavy, or “guns blazing.” The ability to make your characters and tasks is also mentioned.

For this essay, he revisited the original video animation, which is thoroughly dated. We recommend Killer Bean 2: The Party instead. (Lew wrote and directed the 2008 feature-length film Killer Bean Forever, although I haven’t watched it).

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